[BizLePro] 漫談小聚 #8 with COSCUP legal track speakers

[BizLePro] 漫談小聚 #8 with COSCUP legal track speakers

這是 BizLePro 社群的第 15 次的活動,第 8 次小聚。

我們特別選在 COSCUP 前兩天晚上加開這次小聚,邀請到 COSCUP 的法律議程相關的講者,與我們一起交流:

  • Shane Coughlan
  • Armijn Hemel

由於這兩位來自 Open Invention Network (OIN) 的外國講者希望本次聚會參與人數不要太多,並希望可聊特定主題,因此本次小聚是有主題的!希望聊的主題有二:

We'd love to talk about two things:

  • One is for projects and small companies. Cool stuff they are inventing. I want to know what areas OIN needs to help protect in the future. 
  • The second is about the big topic of "Taiwan and Open Source", because I think I need to learn more about how Open Source works in your local market.


  1. Open Source Guy + 
  2. He (she) / his (her) company has (or is developing) innovative product / project which is new and cool (patentable / patented is better) and/or 
  3. Having knowledge and experience about how open source works in Taiwan market.



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"BizLePro",一群 Programmers,討論與程式開發相關的各種商業、法律議題。 
  • Biz = Businiess
  • Le = Legal
  • Pro = Programming / Professional
希望 BizLePro 這個名稱能充分展現出,它是一個屬於程式人來討論 / 分享資訊 (產業/ 產品/ 服務等) 相關的商業及法律的社群。


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